COEM was established in 1993 as a Company specialized in the hydraulic connection. During the years, the products range has enlarged, by the introduction of all necessary components for the manufacture of hydraulic systems, such as pumps, hydraulic valves and accessories, stored and available ex-stock.

For several years, COEM has a technical department who provides directly the engineering of hydraulic systems, as well as offers, for existing systems, a service of analysis for functional and process improvement and optimization.

Nowadays COEM is able to develop internally the complete process, from the engineering, to the commissioning and start-up, through the supply of components and auxiliaries, up to the after-sale assistance, by supporting Customers with an immediate solution of problems.

Technical Staff able to engineer hydraulic systems and equipment for several applications and offer analysis on existing systems. Dimension and functional schemes from the machine cycle.

Availability ex-stock of all necessary components for manufacturing of hydraulic systems and spare-parts.

Assembly and testing at COEM’s own branches of hydraulic and lubrication systems, manufactured according to COEM’s or Customer’s engineering.

Commissioning and start-up of equipment directly performed at Customer’s plants. During the start-up, our highly qualifi ed personnel, provides for the calibrating and commissioning test of systems, by solving variables and unexpected problems.

By the high experience developed by COEM’s personnel, we can realize on-board and inter-connecting piping, including engineering, supply of materials, service of pickling-fl ushingpainting and pressure test.

After-sale assistance realized by specialized personnel; contracts of ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance. Supply of spare-parts; activities of monitoring and diagnostics; revamping and technical training.

By using the totality of products/services hereby proposed, COEM becomes a global partner specialized in hydraulic environments, able to satisfy in a real competent and competitive way, all Customer’s specifi c needs, with advanced technologic solutions and a wide fl exibility of intervention.

The complete path that COEM offers, represents an interesting opportunity for Customers but not an obligation. Each Customer can himself decide for the proper level of utilization of the products/services, up to choose a turn-key service.

All products/services are always supported and managed by highly qualifi ed and competent technical personnel, as well as of a well-established applicative experience.

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