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Hydraulic power packs

The range of hydraulic power packs series CHS is the result of both a long process of standardization and the applicative experience that COEM consolidated being present operatively in different and multiple sectors. The range of products CHS has been designed trying to minimize the special parts and providing for the use of components selected and validated by COEM for an easy implementation, interchangeability and availability.

Of a particular interest, it is the opportunity to assemble the line of hydraulic valves and pumps COEM, which makes the products really competitive and quality certified by years of use on site.

The standardization of components and the availability in stock of the same, allows quick turnaround and fast delivery assembly. COEM moreover offers the Customers the possibility to manage customized warehouses with pre-assembled parts. The technical department COEM is available for Customers to adapt each product to the specific needs, integrating it with the required proper application.

All equipment is manufactured in compliance with international safety standards. The power packs are supplied in accordance with the EC declaration for European market and UL for the American market, and can be supplied with wiring and PLC control system.


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